Twitter Updates for 2008-10-10
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  • Fastest time home ever from the office for this time of day. 5.5 miles as the crow flies in 7 min. Mornings take twenty minutes on average. #
  • The amazing difference not hitting any of the 23 stop lights makes. Now if only no slow cars or cops running radar and I could do it in 2-3 #
  • Should I be wrong to be insanely annoyed and in fact down right pissed my mail box is constantly full of mortgage offers the past 2 weeks? #
  • Getting too efficient at using my iPhone. Paid out $1500 to CC bills on three different websites (WaMu, Amex, HSBC) in under two mins. #
  • YHOO is getting scarily close to single digit. Im forming a new corollary similar to Moore’s law about tech boom/bust cycles. Blog post soon #
  • I’m up to over 23,000 unread SMS messages on my iPhone. I wonder if I will hit 100k before YHOO goes under $10 or GOOG under $300? #
  • OH: “I am voting for Sarah Palin because Tina Fey is so damn hot” OH2: “Our country is doomed if that’s how you choose who to vote for” #
  • @keville The fridge 5ft behind you has almost a kilo of raw caffeine in it. So what part of that would be even remotely health-productive? #

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