Twitter Updates for 2008-10-08
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  • Man, I sure love Nan. Garlic Nan especially. It’s my favorite part of an Indian meal. If carbs weren’t so evil, I would eat it all the time. #
  • I’ve been on a 1g/day caffeine diet for over a week. If I keep this up till the end of the month I’m gonna have serious withdrawals in Nov. #
  • If my brain could fit through my nostrils it would be in Marian county right now after that sneeze. I think it registered as an earthquake. #
  • @kevburnsjr haven’t had no-doze in years. It’s the equivalent of 20 Mountain Dews or 10 shots of espresso per day. Not “drastic”, but enough #
  • @kevburnsjr last time I had nodoze was nearly 10yrs ago. Packed a uhaul and drove for 24hrs non-stop. Ate like 30 of em and made myself sick #
  • @jhstrauss long time in the coming but that team really pushed through adversity and kicked ass, IMHO. Pretty good end result. #
  • Still baffled why I am seeing so many @replies in Twinkle from people I don’t know AND don’t show up on Twitter. No complaints, but weird. #
  • @Arlo Wouldn’t work for me. I can get so drunk I can’t stand or speak coherently and still solve math problems with ease. Me = Math loser #
  • @bmf @omnivector I know you don’t work for Tapulous anymore, but any idea on why Im getting many @replies rcvd via Twinkle & not on Twitter? #
  • @janelicious Ahh… thanks! Annoying they don’t post back to Twitter too. I’m getting like 5-10/day if I say something interesting that day. #
  • @thekarladam That’s the thing, they don’t post it back to Twitter. Doesn’t show in search (obviously) either. Kinda sucky feature. #
  • I just can’t understand why Leopard sucks so hardcore on my MBP, but is just fine on my MacBook, Mac Pro, PowerMac G5, Powerbook, & Mac mini #
  • Even after multiple fresh installs of Leopard, is futzed, VPN client kernel panics occasionally, and other random shit not working. #
  • @keville as an employee, you already get IMAP w/ regular Yahoo! Mail. @jhstrauss come back to yahoo! and you can have it… ;) :P #
  • @jhstrauss Follow me so I can DM you something… I think it will be worth your while. :D #
  • @Arlo I know what you meant and something would be helpful, especially in the instance you were in last Fri (happened to me many times). #
  • @Arlo I am just saying the Gmail Labs math questions captcha thing wouldn’t be a useful litmus test to see if I am drunk or not. #
  • Had ton of duplicate recurring Calendar entries from long ago in my Y!Cal. Using CalDav + iCal finally cleaned em all up in like 2min. WIN! #
  • I dunno why, but I snicker every time Amazon has to next day air something from the east coast to me for $3.99. I ? AMZN Prime. #
  • I swear Amazon loses so much money on me with prime. This time it was 32lbs of Red Bull via Fedex next day air. Retail shipping price = $167 #
  • @mattgemmell Isn’t all for me. :) Between a fridge, a 60lb crate, and a bunch of other stuff, I’ve got my money’s worth & then some anyway. #
  • @jamiei Yeah, should work for Gcal too. Just setup caldav account, flip over to month view, click on dupe and hit delete. rinse and repeat #
  • Caffeine high has worn off and letters blurring together on screen making ascii art. Calling it quits early tonight. In bed before dawn FTW! #
  • Had intended to be in the office early today. Body decided otherwise. Slept through alarm going off for over three hours straight. Lovely. #
  • Sometimes I really wonder how people ever get work done… Yet another event going on outside loud and annoying to those trying to work. #
  • Seriously… WTF… The extremely loud very repetitive drum beat is piecing into my skull… Make it stop! KTHXBAI! #

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