Twitter Updates for 2008-10-07
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  • OH: “I would like to move to Boston, they have good internet radios there.” #
  • I’ve found my mood correlates with my music choice fairly well at times, tonight is definitely one of those times. Got ‘Disturbed’ cranking. #
  • Wonder how efficient our facilities team is. If I “broke” the lights above my desk, do u think I would get a day even before they fixed em? #
  • Really annoyed w/ Adobe updater crashing EVERY time I open PS. Frustration compounded more by reason to open PS (do somebody else’s job 4em) #
  • @mdhughes I downloaded about 25 tracks tonight from iTunes and each took less than a second each. The movie I downloaded only took ~ 1.5min #
  • @mdhughes That’s literally no exaggeration. I bought two more albums _just now_ and the entire album finished in under 5sec each. #
  • Is there anything wrong with pleading with ur code? I’ve offered favors, sweets, caffeine, everything and it won’t budge and is being a punk #
  • @thekarladam The code “looks” perfect. The generated XML “looks” exactly as I intended. I can’t help it Konfabulator hates me tonight. #
  • @seldo Worried that the push won’t work, or excited that the world gets to experience something new you worked on? #
  • @iTod I don’t think @aarontait’s expectations are too high… You are definitely giving Safari a run for it’s money, IMHO. #
  • @iTod you need to find a way to get @thekarladam to produce as much stuff as fast as you do. He rocks, but certainly not fast like you, IMHO #
  • My code and I have kissed and made up. The irony of the fact that what was causing my rendering problem had the name “magic” in it is funny #
  • @iTod Don’t be putting words in my mouth. :) There are a few I would say that about, but @thekarladam isn’t “lazy”, just mis-prioritized. #
  • @iTod like refusing to develop for the iPhone until the official SDK came out “out of principal”. We should have had iPhone YIM much sooner. #
  • I can probably rally ~$1,000 for anyone who will write an OSX app which will keep multiple iTunes libraries in perfect sync. Any takers? #
  • @keville Tried it. Crashes and generally fails.The best I have seen so far is but for the life of me can’t get on beta #
  • QOTD me 2 @keville “If we die from lack of sleep during this project, let’s agree to meet up in the after life and go haunt those who lived” #
  • Chock up another weird experience for the books. Wide awake, not really “tired”, but so devoid of energy I feel paralysed and can’t move. #
  • OH: “Person1: If a property falls in the forest, does it make a sound? Person2: Does it have a makeNoise() method on the object?” #

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