Twitter Updates for 2008-10-06
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  • Seems XM9 has ads? Really wish XM would decide if they are going to be subscriber supported or advertising supported. Crappy ghetto ads too! #
  • PSA alert: avoid southbound 101 at all costs. It’s a parking lot from Oyster point to about three miles south of SFO! #
  • Scratch that it’s a parking lot past Candlestick Park even. WTF! #
  • Glad I brought my broadcast gear in a roller bag. Parking within a half mile seems impossible. #
  • At Kabuki theater now. #
  • Oops. That was supposed to be a DM. Oh well, no secret where I am. #
  • Anybody ever been so angry with your car’s navigation system you pulled your car over and took a walk to calm down? I can now say I have. :( #
  • 1st it tried hard to force me onto the 101, then when I refused it directed me up some mountain rode and proceeded to make me do circles. #
  • I swear on my life I did three COMPLETE squared off circles (aka continual right turns) before I realized what it was doing. Still fuming! #
  • Now sitting at La Cumbre (yummy comfort food place in San Mateo) eating a crack filled Taco (they must be as addicting as they are). #
  • @bitwiseplatypus is there some way to retroactively apply that git trick to stuff already checked into github? #
  • Baffled why I have @ replies showing up in my timeline on Twinkle but they aren’t showing up on or via Summize. Annoying! #
  • @bitwiseplatypus Unfortunately there wasn’t an email address configured. I didn’t know to do that until you said it. Me == Git newbie #
  • @bitwiseplatypus Thanks for the tip, low and behold there is an email addy of mylogin@myhost, but after adding to github no change, oh well. #
  • @rckenned mine typically shows me on the wrong side of the highway. I swear I don’t drive head first into traffic on the 101… Usually. :) #
  • Just ran out of sugar-free Red Bull. Still got a few hours left on what I am working on before calling it a night. This will not be pretty #
  • Google really must ? my blog. I wrote a blog post less than 24 hours ago and already #4 out of 1.1 million results: #
  • For someone who hasnt released an iPhone app (yet), Google sure thinks I am an authority on the topic: & #
  • I need to start blogging on photography again. Apparently back in May I was #7 for photography lighting setup, but not anymore. Time to fix. #
  • Eeee gads and little chickens!! Just got the ER medical bill from the Lone Pine Hospital from my Mnt Whitney hiking excursion. Ty insurance! #
  • What logical reason does Apple have for not allowing me to edit a meeting I accepted from someone in iCal? Come on Steve, make it useable! #

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