Twitter Updates for 2008-10-05
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  • Yet another reason why our “electoral college” is broken. The fact it’s too stupid to make the total # of votes of all states an odd number. #
  • Wax it any way you like, the fact Omaha, NE or BFE Northern Maine could decide our election instead of who wins the most votes = EPIC FAIL! #
  • Maybe I am behind the times, but I am marveling over how popping in a DVD and hitting play automagically turned on the TV (different brands) #
  • I had a $15k+ home theater system in ‘98-’00. After giving it to my folks when I needed money in ‘01 I haven’t ever re-bought a decent setup #
  • Twitterverse: Any idea of a way to simulate a DSR load balancer between different providers? Trying to avoid using 302 redirects to cheap BW #
  • Security just came by and asked if I needed light. I know he’s trying to be helpful, but couldn’t I turn on the light myself if I wanted it? #
  • Man, someone on D5 is really freaking rude. They barfed in the sink! There’s an open trash can a ft away from it and a toilet 5ft away. WTF? #
  • Annoyed with @slicehost. Both a PUT w/ Content-Type of a../xml as well as a../x-www.. return an HTTP 200, but only former really works. #
  • @bmf I’m sure @thekarladam has more than a few choice words he could say about @omnivector’s code in general. He does usually at least. ;) #
  • @iTod Crappy news report. If it wanted to be useful, it would have said something like “follow this Twitter ID” instead of making peeps dig. #
  • @bmf I haven’t read enough of @omnivector’s code to comment on it. I’ll defer to people like u and @thekarladam who have lots of experience. #
  • I’ve decided there is only so many times you can listen to Office Space in one day, especially when your employer just hired consultants. #
  • Not sure if it’s sleep dep, my blogging some kewl code, or the drugs I started taking on Fri, but Im oddly giddy as a school girl right now #
  • And before anybody’s mind goes wild on my saying “drugs”, I meant some herbal supplements I ordered from last week (mood related) #
  • @briancaldwell yup! If the cause is reduced levels of serotonin, 5-htp definitely helps. Another one you didn’t mention is L-tryptophan. #
  • @briancaldwell they don’t have similar results, they have the same result. One metabolizes into the other before becoming serotonin. #
  • @briancaldwell Ive an account like that too, @__|_. Btw, the also I said earlier was meant to be St Johns Wart, not L-T as it’s same as 5htp #
  • @briancaldwell L-Tryptophan metabolizes into 5-HTP before further metabolizing into serotonin. Thus anything 5-HTP offers so will L-T. #
  • Hmmm… My studying drug interactions earlier in life is proving to be useful, but not sure if others care about @briancaldwell and my convo #
  • Shocking. I actually just got a DM from someone saying they found the convo interesting. Maybe using @ replies as pseudo IM isn’t “all” bad #
  • @CalEvans Dell? Seriously? Why are u being hateful to cats? You like having windows with no walls to put them in? Shift your drawers if yes! #
  • Man I wish I could somehow get the source code to Twinkle. It’s a somewhat decent app, but man it could be awesome if I could just add to it #
  • @tarasis I’m not an MD, but try this: take 1500mg L-Tryptophan, 100mg 5-HTP & 1000mg Valerian Root @ bedtime and 300mg St Johns Wart 3x/day. #
  • @tarasis Yes, both L-Tryptophan and 5-HTP do the same thing (see previous tweet), but they metabolize at different rates. #
  • Realized my flood of tweets is probably a subconscious way of avoiding the inevitable (my need to go into the office). Time 2 suck it up. :( #
  • @tarasis more or less. The 5-HTP should be taking effect before you wake up, the L-Trypto will carry you through the day in many cases. #
  • @thekarladam I can program in _any_ language, Cocoa included. Just some I’m faster in and require less external resources. ObjC isn’t “hard” #
  • @thekarladam if I can write a Twitter+Jabber IM bot in my first day playing with OCaml I’m more than sure I can add what I want to Twinkle #
  • I’m heading to the city tonight to do an A/V test at the Kabuki theater (doing a debate viewing there), anybody wanna do Ethiopian 4 dinner? #
  • @thekarladam I personally think the former is more difficult than the later. Besides, @bmf thinks @omnivector writes great code, dont u? ;) #
  • @thekarladam if you found an app which did 75% of what you want would you not at least try to modify it before doing it from scratch? #
  • @thekarladam especially because one of my biggest beefs with Twinkle isn’t the frontend, but rather the backend where my specialty is? #
  • I wish somebody would invent the follow on to the dryer like someone did with the microwave to the oven. Hmmmppphh! /me taps his fingers. #
  • @thekarladam my biggest UI issue is the inability to click on @reply names. That’s fixed just not in the store, hence having code = helpful #
  • @thekarladam with an improved BE there are so many more things doable in the UI, but alas, since Tapulous is “dead” guess not happening soon #
  • Laughing over the fact this morning the nearby tab in Twinkle was full of people and now it’s all me. Either I’m noisy or others are quiet. #
  • Hmm.. Even going out to 10m it’s mostly me. Either everyone is @SFLoveFest or whatever else is going on today or Twinkle usage is dwindling. #
  • Digging in my closet for clothes can be really depressing. So much money wasted on prior apathy. Some of it looks like it could fit 2 of me. #
  • Me: “Long time no see!” Security Guard @ Work: “Weren’t you here less than 12 hours ago?” Me: “Yeah, I was being sarcastic… ;) ;)” #

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