Twitter Updates for 2008-10-04
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  • Finally eating my dinner. Been running RG6, crimping connectors, and wiring up TVs all evening. And here I thought I was a software engineer #
  • Wonder if I am the only pacific time zone person working right now. Not because I need to, just couldn’t think of anything better to do. :| #
  • Decided to finally install Final Cut Studio 2. Little over 52gb of disk space getting eaten alive.. Wheeee! Wonder how long this will take. #
  • @boredzo 361 bytes of HTML? Why so much? Also, 67 bytes for the home screen icon is very good, but any way you can optimize there more? #
  • My domain count is getting out of hand again. I just went through and sorted them, now need to figure out which I can purge without regret. #
  • I have 38 .com, 23 .net, 16 .info, 12 .org, 4 .me, 3 .biz, 3 .us, 2 .am, and one each .tv/.mobi/.name/.be/.de/ #
  • In honor of my 3,333rd tweet on Twitter, here is 3,333 3s forming the number 3,333: 3 Overload! #
  • @miguel23 Grrr… the clock on the TV was off. I should have double checked the one on my computer before posting that. :( :( Dang it! #
  • Gahhh… It’s drizzling outside and my car is wet. I just had the thing washed and waxed a couple days ago. Rainy season is early this year. #
  • The yellow idiot light on my dash whined on the way home about the effects of water on traction as if I didn’t already know this information #
  • VSA (aka traction control) is like most other three letter acronyms ending in SA, it has it’s uses, but can be down right annoying at times. #
  • Just woke up from nine hours of very deep and restful sleep. I feel like a million dollars! Man what a great feeling. Thank you body!! #
  • OH: “I think sometimes you’re just trying to make us regular nerds look like normal people or something.” — said to me from a good friend. #
  • @bmf Some people say (not sure I agree), that how your close friends talk about you speaks volumes about what kind of person you really are. #

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