Twitter Updates for 2008-10-02
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  • I think if I drink any more Red Bulls today my heart will explode. I keep rationalizing it as I am at least drinking sugar free ones. :( #
  • I created a blogger blog for testing. It has 0 posts and nothing customized from stock. It just got flagged as a potential spam blog. WTF!? #
  • @spullara I haven’t made any posts. I haven’t done anything with it outside registration. It’s 40hrs old. So what makes me a spammer again? #
  • @spullara @koblas said it right, I guess that is a spammer behavior, just they were a bit fast on the trigger since <40hrs isn’t “aged” #
  • It’s rather warm in the office right now. Turned on a fan and now I’m cold. Turn fan off and I’m hot. My body will just never be pleased. :( #
  • OMG! I so love you X11 on Leopard. In terminal, ssh to a box, start an X app, X11 starts on my local machine automagically and “just works” #
  • I’ve learned about two features of Leopard today which combined make me want to find my Leopard box and kiss the DVD. Is that weird? #
  • Good news, no skull splitting headache waking up. 1st time all week! Bad news, I feel like a zombie. I’m caught up, tho, so late night FTW! #
  • Why is it most recruiters (like >80%) I’ve ever been contacted by make me think they were a used car salesman in a previous life? #

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