Twitter Updates for 2008-09-29
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  • My OCD nature reared it’s head today big time. Rewrote an entire site coded by someone else to be E_NOTICE clean. The “diff” was huge! #
  • Am I alone in thinking an error log should always be empty even with E_STRICT level PHP error reporting? It’s not that hard to do right! #
  • @bonforte how many more good people you going to steal away from Yahoo!? Don’t ya think messenger could use some? #
  • One minor annoyance with new iPhone 2.1. Seems I lost the ability to quickly mark all smses as read, thus I have 11,806 unread right now. #
  • @SaraMG yep! I should do a “real world”comparison to see how much diff it really makes in performance. Bet not a “large” diff, but enough. #
  • Paying for my haircut, the girl at the counter said “your not a nerd, are you? I don’t think your one” so innocent like it was cute. #
  • I’m wearing a NERD t-shirt (as in the movie) is what spurred the comment, not my general demeanor. No, really, I’m not kidding. :) #

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