Twitter Updates for 2008-09-27
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  • Just found out our team now has a mandatory meeting every night in October @ 7pm which thus blocks me from going to Yoga. Totally bummed! #
  • Just turned on the presidential debate on the big screen next @ my desk. Love how clear OTA HD comes in. Why do people pay for cable again? #
  • Sorry Obama, the greatest threat against the US isn’t Al Qaeda. It’s our own greed and corruption + our banks that are our biggest threat. #
  • Took little bit of ghetto engineering to get the antenna secured in the right spot, but can now pull in 41 Digital & 22 Analog channels OTA. #
  • My iTunes library is causing me to be low on disk space on my MacBook and I have a 320gb hard drive in it. :( #
  • Just upgraded 1 of the last 2 of my Macs running Tiger to Leopard. Anxiously anticipating what broke in the process. Hoping for the best! #
  • Nice. is eating up 270% CPU, mds is eating up the remaining 130%. I can haz some CPU time? KTHXBAI #

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