Twitter Updates for 2008-09-26
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  • Proof that everything is relative. Compared to these stocks, Yahoo! has had a good year so far: #
  • OH: “You know you want to join in, so say something nasty” reply to me saying “sure are a lot of colorful metaphors being said around here” #
  • @ohadpr The other symbols were for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Washington Mutual. #
  • @briancaldwell you realize a newly elected president doesn’t take office on the day after the election? we still have Bush for a while. :( #
  • Seems like the Apple store is bandwidth throttling me. Trying to download a few TV shows before going home & only getting 3.6MB/sec. :( #
  • Oh crap. Maybe it’s not Apple’s fault. Just realized I am on wifi and not hard wire. I guess 3-3.5MB/s over a 802.11G network isn’t to bad. #
  • In Plain Sight Season 1, check. Heroes S3E1&E2, check. Ok, time to head home and continue this coding marathon from there. Wish me luck. #

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