Twitter Updates for 2008-09-25
Category: Twitter

  • Big news! Apparently Yahoo! is #suspending payroll and giving all the money to the banks to get us out of this financial crisis [/sarcasm] #
  • Just learned something insanely kewl. Apparently VMware Fusion (2.0) lets you do Unity w/ Linux VMs. This is so useful on so many levels. #
  • Beginning to wonder where I get more spam, either in my postal box or in via email. I think this week the postal box is clearly winning. #
  • Trying to resist the urge to be helpful to someone near me as I know it would be a time sinkhole. Why do I always feel compelled to help? #
  • Not sure what happened, but apparently I got on some recruiter spam list. I’ve had literally 30+ positions offered this week alone already. #

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