Twitter Updates for 2008-09-23
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  • @koblas That’s probably because you only follow 3 people who update more than a few a day. Try following others besides Ryan, David, & Me #
  • Vincent’s video was just enough to push me over the top. Pre-order placed. Annoyed I had to do it with Adorama, but oh well. Could be worse. #
  • Man I’m so glad I kept “JeremyMart” in “business”! It’s times like these that I am proud to be a geek pack-rat who has one of everything. #
  • Where else could one go to get 1,000ft RG6, 50ft LMR400, 16dbi omni antenna, 802.11b AP, HDTV antenna & a networked OTA HD box @ 12:30am? #
  • @chockenberry Further proof Google doesn’t care one bit about THE FUCKING NDA #
  • Trying to decide if its worth getting up early to catch the last bullet (8:13am) into the city in the morning. Anyone know how packed it is? #
  • Dude, wtf! The T-Mobile G1 makes the Kindle look like it was designed by Jonathan Ive himself. Yeesh, and I thought Amazon made fugly shit. #
  • OH: “I wish I wanted shit.  I enjoy people who want shit. I, umm, want to want shit.” — via IM chat with a good friend from SoCal. #
  • OH: Lucky for me I have 18 mo old gas in my tank. I missed the whole $3 range. Now I have vintage I get to mix with $4 crap. – via same chat #
  • OH: I swear I walk in my garage to do laundry every few wks and go “Whoa, I forgot I own a car” — coming from the man who never leaves home #
  • Why is it always the days I am up early I can’t get to sleep at night? I was up before dawn this morning (well 7am, close enough for a geek) #
  • I stand behind my statement from last night and extend it. The G1 makes the Kindle AND the Sidekick both look like works of art. Fugly! #
  • Made it from Santa Clara to San Mateo in 14min. Now at a complete stop on the 101 just N of 92. I hate the 101’s fickleness of traffic flow #
  • I knew I should have taken the autobahn.. Err.. 280 to the city despite it being out of my way. #
  • Kabuki theater test run was a success! Heading back south with a stuffed belly of yummy sushi and froyo. Hopefully no food comas? #
  • As one of the major supporters of vcal and caldav, why can I not view an iCal meeting attachment on my iphone, let alone add it to my cal? #
  • @koblas good to know, but if u read the tweets u would know I was at a complete stop when sending that message. Was stopped for 8m straight #
  • @koblas they failed to define "driving" so my definition of "I was stopped and not moving w/ no hands on the wheel" … #
  • Apple’s music genius is smoking crack today. I hit the genius button on a Linkin Park song and it made a list w/ Madonna Like a Virgin in it #
  • Ok, now I know it’s bunk. Picked "Lying from You" by Linkin Park and the list it created Rickrolled me! I shit you not. http:/ … #

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