Twitter Updates for 2008-09-22
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  • Anybody in San Francisco have a spare bedroom they want to rent out for a week or two? Want to test if the commute would kill me or not. #
  • Decided to try my hand at an artistic self-impression. Not sure what motivated me, but let me know what you think! #
  • Been stuck on basically the same weight (+/- 5lbs) for three months. Got 101 days to hit my next goal weight, wondering if it will happen. #
  • Part of me is wondering if I care about losing any more weight or if I would rather just loose another inch or two + tone up some, opinions? #
  • OH: “How many engineering managers and VPs does it take to get a conference bridge going?” #
  • In a meeting with so many people we have people peering inside the door from the hallway. Thankfully a mostly positive meeting. #
  • Today must be a bad day for ops people. 1/2 the websites I am trying to log into around the web are sporadically down. Bank of America even! #
  • I can’t understand how it’s cost effective for Apple to dropship stuff to me from Hong Kong instead of having a container delivered to them. #
  • Why the F@$# OmniOutliner thinks it needs to make itself the default editor for .xml & .strings files is beyond me! Stupid developers! #

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