Twitter Updates for 2008-09-21
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  • Would anybody seriously be interested in a job just because some nameless previous employee of where you work is now at that new place? #
  • Utterly baffled why recruiters think I will be interested in a company just because somebody who worked for XYZ Yahoo! team is now there #
  • @thekarladam What’s worse is that in the case of the latest one, I know everyone who left “XYZ” team left do to being laid off, not quitting #
  • @mdhughes I dunno about that. I’ve met quiet a few _very_ good looking HR/recruiting types. But I agree with your distaste of recruiters tho #
  • @thekarladam I have better things to do with my time than replying to recruiter emails toying with them. Phone calls though? Sure, fair game #
  • Had a very productive late night last night. Not only did I just start learning OCaml, but I’ve already built a Twitter<->Jabber b … #
  • I <3 Photoshop. Found a new WP theme I love, but not a fan of the color. Thankfully PSD was included. New adjustment layer -> H/S/ … #
  • @rckenned The fastest timed run I have ever done in my life was 1.5m @ 10:40ish (45?) in 1999 while in Navy Bootcamp (~50lbs lighter too) #
  • @Wavewash Evade would be so much harder if the pattern didn’t always repeat. Still working on not going “oh crap, forgot about that block” #
  • @AmazingSyco Anybody who says the iPhone isn’t useable while driving hasn’t had it very long, or likely shouldn’t be driving anyway. #
  • Sickened by some math I did this weekend. Car payment + Insurance + Maintenance + Gas = ~$10,000/yr. I only drive 7k m/yr so almost $1.50/m! #
  • @thekarladam Was thinking about it, if I moved to the city (w/ Zipcar) I could easily afford a place ~$750 a month more expensive no sweat #

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