Twitter Updates for 2008-09-20
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  • One area brick and mortar merchants FAIL!? If you loose a receipt your pretty much SOL. Online merchants? Just simply reprint from website. #
  • It’s a Friday night and what am I doing? Sitting at my desk in a mountain sized pile of receipts working on expense reports from eons ago. #
  • Between this blog post and this blog post I laughed so hard I now have severe chest pain. Thx @jrconlin! #
  • Wow! I just finally found my $100 Apple credit from 9/17/07 for my original iphone. Wonder if I can still use it after all this time? #
  • Note to self, next time I dig to the back of storage, make sure and leave a path out. You never know when you need to say, pee, for example. #
  • Twitter website seems to be broke. Getting a constant stream of tweets via SMS but website shows nothing new in past hour & bg image missing #
  • Welp, not just website. Seems API is broke too. Why oh why twitter must you always FAIL? Really, can’t you get past that after 1.5 years? #
  • Doing a little car shopping via Ebay. Looking for a specific older model Nissan (not as a replacement car but 2nd) and not having much luck. #
  • Also looking at specific older Toyota’s too and similar luck finding them (aka virtually non-existent). Not many 80’s cars left it seems. #
  • Minor annoyance with OCaml. You can’t have “overlapping” record types. Example: type abc = {a:int;b:int;c:int};; type ab = {a:int;b:int};; #

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