Twitter Updates for 2008-09-18
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  • I’ve got a million things I need to be doing tonight but suddenly don’t feel well. Throwing my hands in the air, giving up, and going home. #
  • Thought of a good way to describe how I feel now, like I’ve been drinking and took Xanax. Except I’ve not been drinking nor taken any drugs. #
  • Curious why someone I don’t follow anymore still shows up in Twinkle, but only in Twinkle. Very weird. #
  • Looks like Tapulous has now officially imploded. I had a gut feeling it would after visiting their office, but didn’t think this soon. #
  • Really annoyed with flight options from SFO/SJC->IAH/AUS/HOU. Finding it near impossible to get the departure time needed to make thi … #
  • Flying east sucks because TZ changes screw you. Flight time of 5 hrs + TZ changes = No departures after 5pm (must land before 12am usually) #
  • “Net Prophets” – Vintage USA Today Weekend edition from May 1996 #
  • I wish people would stop eating at their desks. Previously it smelled really good and made me hungry, today the smell makes me want to puke. #
  • Man their lunch stinks! I’m guessing it has peanut butter in it as that’s what usually causes this strong of a negative olfactory sensation. #

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