Twitter Updates for 2008-09-17
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  • Insanely jealous of those who live 100-200yrs from now. Either the world will be a very awesome place or human life will not exist at all. #
  • Sold!! Please Canon, tell me where I can type my credit card number! You deliver to me tomorrow, mmmm k! KTHXBAI! #
  • @heathermeeker75 Either we will destroy the world within 100-200 years or life will be grand because we fixed all our problems. #
  • I can’t findz where to put meh credit card #. Canon is hiding itz from meh in some sick twisted game toying with meh emotions! /me cries. #
  • Three conference calls down, two to go today. Exciting times! I love conference calls! </sarcasm> #
  • All morning conference calls done. Glad I can work during them easily. Time to get ready and head to office. Just one more conf call today. #
  • Dear Apple: The multiple SMS notifications suck ass. You will scurry along and do something about that, yes? Great! KTHXBAI! #

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