Twitter Updates for 2008-09-15
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  • Reading about the Jillian Greenburg photoshoot of John McCain. Utterly disgusted at what she did and hope she never gets another gig again. #
  • @djlemur how does a man become pregnant? :P #
  • Decided last night to test out the upper limits of my iPhone’s ability to receive smss. Turned on SMS notification for everyone I follow. #
  • If my estimations are currect, that will put me over 18,000 text messages received per month. Unlimited SMS plan FTW! #
  • @mdhughes I am not disgusted by the image she took, I am disgusted by the implicent client/photographer trust she broke. #
  • Finding it insanely hard to reply to @mdhughes in any reasonable manor under 140 characters. Gaahhhhh!! Time for a blog post I guess. #
  • @mdhughes If I worked for a studio, was hired by ur mom 4 pix, then took a photo up her skirt as she picked up her purse leavin, it’s “ART”? #
  • @mdhughes No, you don’t win, I found a way to fit the point I was trying to make into 140 characters, just was really difficult. #
  • @mdhughes She herself used the phrased “tricked him”. Big difference between that and “using a photo for promotion” after the shoot. #
  • @mdhughes McCain didn’t hire her, a publication did. McCain (wrongly&badly) trusted the publication to hire a professional photographer. #
  • @mdhughes Are you implying all subjects should have background checks done on the photographer first? Have we really stooped to that level? #
  • @gruber & @davewiner I think the Jill Greenberg thing might be what they need to avoid the economy next week & yet she claims to be Democrat #
  • @Arlo So you admire a woman who “tricked” her subject & abused his trust for her own personal politics? Are you sure youre not a politician? #
  • @Arlo So you’re yet another person who is commenting without knowing the full story. The “tricked” is her own words. Read: #
  • Anybody else find it hard to decide what Apple music devices to own? I can find different uses for each of them, but stupid to own em all. #
  • With the way the markets will probably tank next week, anybody wanna take bets on YHOO below $15 and GOOG below $375? #
  • That will put both stocks well below half their 52 week highs. Scary times currently and ahead with our economy! #
  • @calevans, @saraMG you guys are less than 3 miles away from me eating dinner and don’t invite me? :( :( #
  • @Arlo I would totally buy a RipServer if it handled DVDs instead of CDs. After having my CDs stolen from me years ago I never rebought much. #
  • Is there any multi-network IM client for the iPhone which connects directly to the IM network w/o a 3rd party server in between? #
  • Ok, so I finally got up the guts to turn on MobileMe syncing to my phone for contact/cal and now I have nothing on my phone for either. #
  • Did MobileMe screw me or does it just take some time for it to sync down to the phone? Is there any way I can make it happen faster? #
  • I know I have seen the movie Jumper before, but can’t figure out when or with who for the life of me. Been watching it again tonight anyway. #
  • Grrr.. Due to over optimization of iTunes and it’s quick deletion of the iPhone Update, seems I have to download twice if updating 2 phones. #
  • If u don’t include liquids, I have ate 910 calories today. Sadly, I don’t have a firm grasp on the liquid calorie count (guessing ~500-700) #
  • My chest was bothering me a little before bed and now has intensified further. :( I hate injuries! #
  • I’m not a very patient person by nature and so having an injury that “just takes time, nothing else we can do” completely sucks to me. #
  • Whacked my head really hard a while ago and thought, oh well I’ll live, suck it up. Just now scratched my head and hand came back red. :( #
  • yeah! thanks to @jeffreymcmanus found a way to go back to the old FB design. Wish I could stay on it for good, new sucks! #
  • One of my favorite “product shots” I ever did is now published! Love the way the photo turned out, really pops out at ya! #
  • @rckenned stdClass() works in PHP4 too (since 4.3 if memory serves)! What’s your issue? Besides, PHP4 is past EOL, let em fend for themself. #
  • @thekarladam Yep, you definitely fit the bill of having two thumbs. Now if only they weren’t perpetually stuck up your arse… ;) #
  • Retweeting @briancaldwell: photographers –> wow, just wow. (I’m not much of a retweeter, but this rocks!) #
  • @rckenned I have a function to replicate that behaviour. Gimme one sec to find it for you. #
  • @rckenned Here you go, an implementation of property_exists() for PHP4. #
  • @rckenned Ahh… ok! I screwed up in the parameter order of my first paste anyway. Here’s the correct one for others: #
  • Am I seriously going to get an SMS from AT&T every time Apple releases an OS update for the iPhone? I know it’s free, but still annoying. #

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