Twitter Updates for 2008-09-14
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  • Anybody able to get me in on the private beta of fotonauts? Really want to give it a try. So come on, I know one of you has to know somebody #
  • Went through & did a purge of my Twitter following list. Thinking about cutting even more. No point in following someone who doesn’t update. #
  • I also kicked people to the curb who claim they are my friend, yet don’t follow me (anymore in some cases), and are boring tweeters anyway. #
  • Headed home. Time for a shower and I want to sleep in my own bed. Doubt anything will change overnight in regards to #ike I can’t see online #
  • @janeylicious how come @FunkeeMonk can come and eat yummy food but no one else? I like yummy food too! #
  • @janeylicious WOOT! Jumping in a cab to the airport now! Should be there in like 2hrs. You’ll make sure it’s still hot, yes? ;) ;) #
  • The things I would seriously think of doing for a good home cooked meal, when i dont feel like cooking, baffle me sometimes. #
  • @andreiz sounds like about the same price as the hispanic markets in south bay. Really good stuff but has no shelf life. #
  • Fixing to head back into the office after a nice 14hr break. I’ve spent entirely way to many hours in the office this week. #
  • Needing to do a code review of 3rd party code for and then push the update to a bunch of Yahoo! servers hosting the site. #
  • @sarahcuda finding it hard to believe the small over priced electronics store in the airport doesn’t have an off-brand one. #
  • @sarahcuda Go to Terminal 3, Center Hub and walk into InMotion Entertainment. They will probably be your best place to find something. #
  • @andreiz A city is what you make of it. There is always something interesting to do, just finding it might more difficult than other places. #
  • Not only did I change the credit card #, then cancel my account, and THEY SHUTDOWN THE SERVICE, Yahoo! Music just billed me $96. WTF!?!?! #
  • @andreiz I’ve not been to Zeitgeist so I can’t compare but I’ve been to dive bars in SJ which seem sorta similar based on what I saw on Yelp #
  • Thinking about forming a picket line outside work tomorrow until someone from the Yahoo! Music team personally hands me $96 and an apology. #
  • Seeing trends like this: always make me have mixed emotions. Getting more popular is great, but scared of at what cost. #

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