Twitter Updates for 2008-09-13
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  • Here’s a computer projection of what Hurricane Ike could do to Texas City and Galveston: Can you say, OMGWTFBBQ!? #
  • Shutting down Twhirl and backing away from Twitter for a while. Have the desire to say something and I know the consequences won’t bode well #
  • Breaking my twitter radio silence to plug @TrackingIke. If you know of other good Hurricane Ike tweet feeds please send them my way ASAP! #
  • 300,000 without power and counting. Got the DirecTV receiver moved over to my desk now and actively tracking broadcast & online news both. #
  • Still unsure if I am headed to Texas this weekend or not. Many issues still being worked out, hopefully know by morning. #
  • Surge is over the walls in Galveston and running down the road following the beach according to crews on the ground at the San Luis Hotel. #
  • Up and running with near real time (as close as I can get) Radar imagery. 100+ mph winds off Galveston island. #
  • OMFG! I know exactly what is meant by this cartoon. In fact I more or less did it this week and got similar results. #
  • My god you should see the video right now of Clear Lake, TX on the Weather Channel. Ive been in major storms before, but that takes the cake #
  • @gstein Falls Church, VA? #
  • @gstein Been there many times, very nice area. Red Cross’s network operation center is there (among other reasons for me to go). #
  • Introduced @metal_hurlant to @jstanden over an IM conference. The product of that meeting (the convo) is proving to be quite interesting. #
  • OH: “Sure, at the basest level, pain and pleasure are red light, green light. I’d be sitting on the stove and wondering what was for dinner” #
  • Two million people in Texas now without power. The worst of the storm is battering Houston continually for a while now and more to come. #
  • Finding a couch to crawl up on and take a nap. Been an “interesting” night for those in Texas, my heart reaches out to those affected. #
  • Back at my adhoc information center (surrounded by information streams). Got a nice 4.5 hour nap on a pile of lovesac bean bag chairs. #
  • Wow… even on my low resolution radar imagery I can see the echo hook they are talking about in Liberty County. Watch out for twisters! #
  • Baffled why they can’t put a GPS inside the helicopters so the bubbling idiot newscasters don’t haphazardly guess where they are videoing #
  • Watching the carnage on KHOU from Air11. The flooding and wind damage is just crazy. Imagine if stronger Rita would have hit 2yrs ago. #ike #
  • Want to help those in Texas? Text “GIVE” to 2HELP (24357) using your cell phone to donate $5 to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief #ike #

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