Twitter Updates for 2008-09-11
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  • Just reading personal email and stumbled across something fun I had missed. Guess I will be probably going diving in Tahoe this weekend now #
  • Antitrust up on the bigscreen, plenty of caffeine on hand, yummy snacks, yep, definitely set for this all nighter I am embarking on. #
  • All the healthiness points I gained by going to Yoga tonight are being negated by the junk food I am craming in my face for mental energy. #
  • Baffled how my work laptop’s DVD drive was somehow set to region 6. I know I never set it to that but thankfully Apple let me change it back #
  • @ev Do you blame the woman? I mean who asks someone out on a date over the phone while squeezing out a floater in a public bathroom no less? #
  • Despite being way beyond exhausted now, was totally worth pulling the all nighter as I finished what I set out to do. #
  • Now if I can just make it home safely I will be happy. I’m at that point of having to worry about falling asleep driving. Almost there! #
  • Ok. Safely home. I miss the days when I was younger and could pull 3+ days awake. Think I would fall asleep standing if I tried it now. :( #
  • Just realized that I was up for ~60hrs straight 7yrs ago today. Had just gone to bed and was awoken by the TV. Needless 2 say I stayed up #
  • @CalEvans Actually I don’t have that happen “that” much. Rare enough I am excited and happy each time. Major congrats dude! #
  • @bitwiseplatypus totally know what you mean. I use three personally. For two monitors on a MBP check out Matrox’s Dual2Go or similar naming. #
  • Racing back to the office. Got a conference call in ten minutes and rather not do it from my car. Not getting much notice on these sucks. #

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