Twitter Updates for 2008-09-10
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  • @chartier If only that was true. I see bouncing apps quite a bit sometimes despite having more RAM than that. #
  • @wisequark I would kill for FIOS at all, let alone 50/20. Sucks that no matter where I go I cant get “fast” Internet (aka greater than 10/1) #
  • I am on team full of scavengers. A big meeting lets out with yummy snacks and everyone on the team (me included) goes running for the scraps #
  • Upgrading to DxO Optics Pro 5.2. Why the f$*% does it hide my menu bar / dock when the installer has focus? What dev thought that was ok? #
  • Twinkle = FAIL all the sudden. Crashed over and over until I rebooted. Other apps fine. #
  • Karma restored. Paid for my “free meal” from last night (the CC machine was broke). Guy at driveup thought I was nuts for coming back 2 pay. #
  • We have an internal site where employees can tag their coworkers. Someone I don’t know tagged me with “horrible programming language”. WTF? #
  • Just had to diagnose a server outage via my trouser mac using pTerm. Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and site is back up now. Nifty! #
  • Jeebus! Someone (who doesn’t sit near here) is chatting on their cell phone in a damn near full out yell and isn’t getting the subtle hints #
  • OH: “well, i can’t say i’ve seen a precedent for “PAH” emails instead of WFH emails?” #
  • OH: “I’ll be porn-at-home today, reachable by all the usual means …. just give me a minute!” #
  • @davglass Seems like most of the people who got tagged with “horrible programming language” are in the top people tagged with “PHP” list. #
  • Just deleted my 1st app from my iPhone (I don’t download tons of “crap” like some), Yahoo! oneConnect. (of course it was the beta I deleted) #
  • All my friends are so going to love me now. :( Adding yet another Yahoo ID of mine to their buddy list because we still don’t support MPOP. #
  • @tobyjoe Totally do it! I would be highly interested in reading it once you are done. #
  • @thekarladam To bad that isn’t about the iPhone version. The date on the article is Feb 12, 2008. Still funny though! #
  • This t-shirt almost caused me to do a literal LOL: #
  • @AcmePhoto I know I don’t blog very often and I have blogged quite a few times since their last post. #
  • Just found out about a fork of oneConnect and am totally in love with _that_ version. Please fight to make it a real product @thekarladam! #
  • OMG OMG! The end of the world has arrived. Check out this live webcam feed from the LHC: #

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