Twitter Updates for 2008-09-09
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  • Since when was ESPN broadcast OTA, in HD no less? Hooked up a new antenna to the bigscreen at my desk and got Football in crystal clarity. #
  • To bad only one football team showed up to the monday night game. You would think the Raiders would have showed up being it’s their stadium. #
  • Denver is just showboating now. This is down right hilarious. Good to know Raiders will be pulling last in the AFC West yet again this year. #
  • Broncos rookie on his NFL debut: 8 rec for 128 yards. The ENTIRE Raiders offense: 8 rec for 61 yards. The Raiders should just quit. #
  • Annoyed at my body. Yesterday: no pain in chest to speak of at all. Today: tightness (not exactly painful tho) and mild shortness of breath. #
  • My apologies to my coworkers, but despite my best efforts to wash it off I smell like a French whore. Spilled the cologne this morning. #
  • I’m thinking the Genius Sidebar will be an excellent way for Apple to milk even more money from me. As if iTMS didn’t get enough already. #

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