Twitter Updates for 2008-09-08
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  • One of the two of these is clearly lying. Why is it I can’t get one to conceed and just allow me to eject the damn CD! #
  • @spullara Ive written several blog posts trying to figure out how Prime isn’t a really bad deal for Amazon. They gotta be losing money w/ me #
  • QOTD: “Nothing is as simple as I think” from @thekarladam …. If everything was as simple as he though, a 2yr old would invent time travel. #
  • After having my first experience thanks to Cappuccino I have a sudden yearning for Bugzilla/Trac. Talk about bad bug tools #
  • I hate having a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Yet time after time I fall into one with @thekarladam. You would think I would learn. #
  • @thekarladam Once again, your over simplification is grotesque. I clearly listed a handful of bugs but you chose to only focus on one. #
  • @thekarladam I said more than that via IM alone and what makes you so arrogant to assume I would tell you everything anyway? #
  • To add on top of an already annoyed mood, Taco Hell is closed despite the sign saying clearly open till 1am. #
  • Thankfully fast food joints are like cochroaches. Where there is one there is always more real close by. #
  • @thekarladam it’s impossible for you to not be right because in your world only you can define “right” and “right” changes w/ each sentence #
  • @thekarladam who said it was/wasn’t? I certainly didn’t say Bugzilla was “better”. I think I said it failed too, just for diff reasons. #
  • Bugzilla = extreme overkill, Lighthouse = extreme underkill. Given only those two options I choose overkill, but not because it’s “better”. #
  • MS Word = extreme overkill, edlin = extreme underkill as far as text editors go. Which do u think more people use despite both doing the job #
  • The more I learn about Cappucino the more I love it. Only “fault” so far is how singletons work and that’s a trivial “semantic” complaint. #
  • @ubercaff funny you should mention that as that’s exactly where I ended up. Wolfe&Reed = on way home, El&Lawrence is 1/2 mile past my house #
  • @urbanape despite the fact Aperture 2 has a ton of very useful new features, I think the UI is a major step backwards from the 1.X version. #
  • Feel like writing. Debating between a blog post or another chapter in my PHP book for WROX Press. One is finishable before bed, other isn’t. #
  • Sad about the replies so far to my “rally call” email about Hack Day this Fri. Yet another time my plans will likely fail to get others help #
  • Slightly annoyed at an email I just received. I fully understand the intent, but the recipient list is far from ideal. BCC it is from now on #
  • @tychay You know a language is doomed when Delphi of all things is more popular and “D” is close behind. WTF!? D is biting on Ruby’s heals? #
  • @mdhughes Not disputing that, but it’s still a blow to Ruby that Delphi is more popular despite Ruby being X-platform & wider use case, IMHO #
  • @omnivector Baffled how so many people supposedly use AIM. I know like 5 peeps on AIM at most (all .Mac) but hundreds on Y!/Gtalk/MSN/ICQ #
  • @bonforte Speaking of parachutes, what’s it going to take for me to get you to part with your Y! bang one. I think it needs a loving Y! home #
  • OMG! Parallels is fighting back against VMware in a big way! The new 4.0 private beta has [redacted] and [redacted]!! (sorry under NDA) #
  • @rckenned To bait people into trying to get in on the private beta so they too can see how awesome [redacted] and [redacted] is. #
  • @bonforte Hook me up with a copy of Outlook+Xobni and I will let you know. :) #

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