Twitter Updates for 2008-09-07
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  • @rands used to but I pulled it offline because of so much spam abuse. I am looking into methods to bring it back online someday. #
  • @ejacqui You know you want to, so don’t pretend like you don’t. ;) #
  • Ok, showing and going to the office for realz this time. Got boxes to configure and setup for a more efficient team working environment. #
  • Bawls really needs to come out with a diet G33k B33r. This stuff is entirely way to damn good tasting to avoid getting a big gut again. #
  • @quynhnie That’s how it always is on the last train south of the night. Just feel fortunate you made it, otherwise you would have been stuck #
  • Drinking one last b33r at my desk before heading home. Insanely productive evening. Only one thing left on todo list for tmrw (need hammer). #
  • So hate when I loose something (worth _lot_ of $$ this time) & really panic, only to suddenly remember where the “safe place” I hid it was. #
  • If I keep up the rate I am going writing in my new journal (27 pages in 3 days), I’m gonna go through over a notebook a month. Scary! #
  • I wish I could write content this easily for my WROX Press book. I would have been done and published eons ago. #
  • iPhone is annoying the piss out of me this morning. Trying to read a long SMS thread and each new one causes it to scroll to end. #
  • Nothing I do (tried multiple things) seems to stop it from scrolling. Apple is EPIC FAIL more often than I like lately. #
  • Hammer, hacksaw, drillmotor, bits, klines, dikes, check. I now have all the tools I need for the office today. Now for a quick brunch first. #
  • @andrepang editing photos in emacs? I know kitchensink and all but REALLY? “Emacs would make a nice OS if only it had a decent text editor” #
  • Case modification complete. Looks pretty slick if I do say so myself. Now just to clean up all the scrap sheet metal and debris. :( #
  • The answer isn’t simply a yes or no. There is a bit more involved than just cookies alone, but I think it might be doable with some work. #
  • That is one of my favorite XKCD comics. Dang near killed myself choking on water laughing at that one. I don’t read XKCD w/ drinks anymore. #
  • Damn it… Twhirl somehow didn’t make those @ replies. :( First one was re: @ohadpr and second was was re: @jamiei … grrrrr… #

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