Twitter Updates for 2008-09-06
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  • Was just excited I out ran the lightrail and didn’t get held up. Then I realized that’s like an F16 being happy it outran a flee. #
  • @omnivector I’m in a food induced comma from @quynhnie’s honey walnut shrimp. You so are missing out on the fun. #
  • @bonforte the only redeeming quality of outlook is xobni. If it weren’t for Xobni there would be not a single reason to redeem it from hell. #
  • Played a really twisted mind game on a friend to test my friendship and sadly learned there was no friendship but rather distrust. :( #
  • Sometimes it really hurts to learn one of your best local friends has a low opinion of you but I guess it’s best to know where u stand. #
  • @janeylicious true. I’m about the most sincere and “noble” guy I know and to see a good friend really distrust me with his woman hurts a bit #
  • @jamiei you have a point. I guess I shouldn’t “test” unless I really want to know the truth. My own fault for wanting to know I guess. #
  • Everyday you learn a different life lesson. Wish I could share the one I learned today but it would be counter to what I learned to say … #
  • Thinking about heading to the office for a while today. Probably should be relaxing my chest but no rest for the weak and weary, no? #
  • Took a deep look at 280 Slides today. To say I am impressed would be the understatement of the century. Simply wow! #
  • @ejacqui Great new profile photo, but I still think I liked the old one better. #
  • Got diverted from the office by Obj-J and Cappuccino. Seriously dead sexy stuff. I have an impulsive desire to make an email app in it now. #
  • Seriously laughing like I’m insane at the fact @thekarladam’s first tweet more or less about Obj-J also was about writing an email app. #
  • Twitterverse: Why is it that there are no major web-based email apps that don’t eat babies? I mean seriously, is it that hard to get right? #
  • @thekarladam Let’s see if we can recruit @davglass and/or @rckenned and I think it’s totally doable in a day, especially if we use Cascade. #
  • I am getting a lot of “signal” (surprisingly) out of the @c4 feed but man it is ruining my recent timeline. So hard to see anything not c4 #
  • I wonder how much each US terminated SMS costs Twitter (if anything). I’ve received like 400+ SMSs today from @c4 alone I think (need2count) #
  • Finding it saddening that my friend @jstanden will likely have an app in the AppStore before me. My priorities are clearly not aligned right #
  • Bought new ink tanks for an Epson R4880 printer and it cost almost $800. No wonder printers are cheap, they arse rape you later on the ink! #

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