Twitter Updates for 2008-09-05
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  • McDonalds raised the price on their small fry by 30 cents. My late night meal now costs $3.56 instead of $3.25 … I blame the democrats! :( #
  • @manthedan and we’ve had a democrat congress since Jan 07, your point? My snide remark will make more sense once I finish this blog post. #
  • Just tried out a Cantine Martini for the first time. Quite good although it strangely reminds me a lot of apple cider. #
  • Apple AP at 5ghz rocks, same model AP @ 2.4 = epic FAIL. Think it’s time to go back to Cisco 250mw+16dbi omni for my 802.11g device support. #
  • Screw being legal or polite to my neighbors. Having almost 10 watts of radiated power on an 802.11g network cures all signal strength ales. #
  • I’ve been wanting to start a diary of sorts for a long time and finally tonight just did it. Not sure what finally pushed me over the edge. #
  • I can’t remember the last time I just “free wrote” more than a paragraph or 3 by hand and tonight I wrote 18+ pages! Dunno what came over me #
  • @djlemur I’m someone you know (albeit not real well) still in town. :) #
  • @Arlo should we take that to mean you and your girlfriend broke up? If so, my condolences. #
  • It’s almost fifteen degrees warming in San Fracisco than it is in Kansas and they are two hours later in the afternoon. Shocking weather! #
  • OMFG. This is so baffeling pathic! Seriously Microsoft? You gotta be freaking kidding me! #
  • Apparently I can’t spell today. Thank god writing code doesn’t require me having the ability to spell english words on a continuous basis. #
  • Getting really annoyed being asked by non-engineer types in the company “you don’t use Outlook?” as if that’s an illogical thing to not use. #
  • When Exchange can support rules like Procmail/Seive can _AND_ handle mailboxes with 5gb+ of mail without falling on it’s face I might listen #

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