Twitter Updates for 2008-09-04
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  • The older I get the less obsessive compulsive I get it seems. I kicked out a good friend for making messes less bad than my place is now. #
  • Not sure if I am better off either. Sure, less stress of having to always have things “just right”, but man did my place used to be _clean_. #
  • @BernadetteBalla depends how loyal you are to them. I can take up to 3 pieces of luggage at no additional charge. #
  • One of my favorite living comedians (@pennjillette) is now on Twitter and seemingly using it a lot. Funny he’s got like 60 @ replies already #
  • @thekarladam OMFG! /me is fearing the worst now. Screenflow used to kick so much ass, but not so confident in their future now. #
  • Just logged into LinkedIn for the 1st time in a while. Find it funny the top Y! news piece on LinkedIn is @mager’s story on quitting Gmail. #
  • The women are definitely dominating (70%) my recent updates on Twitter for the 1st time. Interestingly only one tweet is from someone new. #
  • Found a pair of jeans and a jacket I liked, but upon checking the price realized I was on the _wrong_ site. $2750? WTF!? For jeans/jacket!? #
  • @TwinkleKing That’s not true about it being Twitter’s fault. The API returns more than 20, check the count param: #
  • Just came up with a new euphemism for an unrealistic programming requirement, call it an AASinine task. Get the reference? #
  • Laying in bed trying to fall asleep just heard 4 computers and 2 iPhones ring out a new email notification in perfect succession. #
  • Given they all have different polling intervals, what’s the odds of that ever happening again AND me hearing it? #
  • Neighbor is _screaming_ at the top of her lungs to a kid about peeing in the parent’s bed. Boy is he/she getting ripped a new arse. :( #
  • Getting annoyed by all the slandering of people running for office I’m seeing on Twitter. Even if you don’t like em, they’re still humans. #
  • Seriously having issues driving right now. Can only see out one window clearly and it’s not the front one sadly. #
  • Just went to the baby shower of a very dear friend. Was really hard not showing how much physical pain I am in. Wish I could now go home. #
  • This is the first time I have sat straight up right (aka not reclined) for any length of time in almost a week. And it’s really miserable. #

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