Twitter Updates for 2008-09-02
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  • ahh shucks… saw a URL ( in Google’s comic for Chrome and thought I would see if it’s available. Of course not, GOOG owns it #
  • Just read the comic on Google’s browser, “Chrome”. Definitely happy that _finally_ a browser will be intelligently built, to bad it’s GOOG’s #
  • I wish Photoshop would always leverage the full potential of the machine it’s running on. Frustrating seeing only one core maxed out 100% #
  • Ok, my eyes are glossing over and I am loosing artistic creativity (been editing photos all evening). Time to go home. #
  • Chest really hurting this morning badly. Popping some advil and going back to bed. If this doesn’t cure the pain, not going to work today #
  • Pain worse if anything. Thanks for trying advil, but I think your not quite cut out for this challenge. Just hoping I’ve got something t … #
  • @rentzsch with or without repeaters? That makes a big difference in the distance. #
  • Stayed connected to the VPN for over 1hr on my iPhone continuously. New record! Now that I am done w/ crazy emails, pulling laptop into bed. #
  • Just found out I got a gratuitous screenshot “mention” on page 174 in Scott Mattock’s PHP-GTK2 Book. ME ME ME! #
  • Reading the news from the RNC08 makes me the opposite of “proud to be an American”. And that’s coming from someone less Dem and more Rep. #
  • I wish there was a political party for people like me. Socially liberal, but economically right. My electoral compass: #

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