Twitter Updates for 2008-09-01
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  • Does anyone know if there is a way to somehow access really old tweet archives? I am wanting to fetch stuff older than page 10 in my history #
  • @mdhughes Thanks! That helps me get back to April 3rd, 2008 at least. Really wish there was some API method which gave me a full backup. #
  • Thought of a way to get my old tweets out of Twitter but it would involve me throwing ~500m requests at them. Pretty sure they would hate me #
  • Decided it had been long enough since I fired up the grill, so went overboard and put 5lbs of huge premium ribeyes + corn on cob out to cook #
  • Don’t you wish you were here: NOM NOM NOM! #
  • My old iPhone is setting some awesome battery life numbers. 6+ hours of usage w/ 2 days, 16 hours of standby. #
  • Realizing yet again why I hate bbqing. My skin is a “smell” electromagnet and I reek of burnt smokey firey awfulness. #
  • Been double fisting cell phones since I woke up this morning. Not quite 2005 level Labor Day activity (yet), but not “day off” either #
  • Decided I would be cutting it too close heading into the office before my 2pm conference call, so am staying home until after it. :( #
  • @thekarladam there was a lot of talk about it pre-2.0, somehow doubt it would ever happen now, especially with the ES4 snafu. #
  • @chockenberry Guess you would avoid yourself then? I believe typing in all caps frequently could be classified as loud and obnoxious to some #
  • Finding it rather difficult to find “public” information on GSM cell sector capacity. I know the numbers, just not via “public” sources. :( #
  • Was just on a conf call w/ YHOO, GOOG, MSFT, FB, Mspc, CrgLst, and others. [org] wanted us all to put a “widget”. #
  • The stomach turning part is nobody thought about the implications of all that traffic at once until I mentioned it. #
  • @chockenberry only playing devils advocate, but I think your (valid) rants in a loud/semi-obnoxious way about teh NDA would be “views” #

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