Twitter Updates for 2008-08-29
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  • I think this is probably my single most viewed “set” on Flickr, but unfortunately Flickr don’t make it easy to be sure: #
  • Heading home to get a bottle of wine then heading to a friends place for homemade Korean BBQ. #
  • Grabbed a nice 2 year old cab sauv off the rack for the chef and bottle of Momokawa Pearl for myself. Time for some seriously good grubbing! #
  • Looking at the wine rack at home before I left, realized the only thing I have left now under five years old is Moet and a 2k5 napa red zin. #
  • Why is it I feel like both presidential candidates picked a running mate on the basis of who could help them win rather than best for job? #
  • Damn it! Was listening to a live remix of an amazing song and Shazam couldn’t identify it. Heard it many times, but don’t know it’s name #
  • @koblas The good thing is at least this year I have two candidates to choose which is the lesser evil. Last election not the case. #
  • I dream of the day when there is a presidential candidate which makes me go “like duhh… I would be stupid not to vote for [him/her]” #
  • Gonna drive me nuts if I can’t found out the name of that song. Trying a creative route, IMing the station’s DJ. Curious if this will work. #
  • I wonder how many people are cheering for Obama because they really like “him” as opposed to something like the fact he’s not a republican. #
  • Fortune Cookie: “Need some adventure and enjoyment? Take a vacation” … in bed … with Carl Icahn… Both endings sound really bad today #
  • I was doing so good about keeping my inbox as close to zero as possible there for a while, now what the hell happened. Yeesh! #

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