Twitter Updates for 2008-08-27
Category: Twitter

  • @crazybob If you ask me, I think Canon is more or less abandoning the high-end market. They make higher margins + more sales in consumer. #
  • Taking my “I can’t hear you!” headphones (er4i’s) to work today. Wondering how long I can keep them in uninterrupted. #
  • Wow… made it 20 whole minutes before someone made me painfully yank them out. For a conversation I didn’t add anything to… :( :( #
  • I get so annoyed by people who say things like “XML is slow” as if that’s an absolute maxim and is true without understanding how it’s used #
  • Man I cringe every time I hand my credit card for someone to swipe and they clearly prove they don’t know how to use the machine #

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