Twitter Updates for 2008-08-20
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  • @mager I think you are smoking crack if you call Wordpress a new BMW. It’s more like trading in a ‘92 Tercel for a Ford Pinto if you ask me #
  • Bad news: as best as I can tell, doesn’t seem like you can use Twitter with an Iridium phone. Good news: I can send emails via SMS it seems. #
  • Now I just gotta find time to build a bridge between email and something useful for a wide audience (maybe Twitter, will see) in 48 hours. #
  • @davedonohue I am getting things ready to live blog my trip up the side of a mountain this weekend. I’m scaling Mount Whitney on Saturday. #
  • Finally heading north to the city. I’m at the right speed, flux capacitor is umm, fluxing, now just need to find 1.21 jigawatts somehow #
  • Wouldn’t it figure! My car gets hit by lightning just as I am forced to slow down for construction. What are the odds of that again #
  • What a view out the window of the hotel! On the 31st floor of the Intercontinental and the view is simply amazing. #
  • Updated 1) No annoying browser resizing, 2) Switches to Iridium mode when updated within 24 hrs, 3) Repos to Mnt. Whitney #
  • Mom, I’m still sweepy. Can I please sleep for five more minutes… Err… Hours? What I wouldn’t do for a little more sleep right about now! #
  • Standing on the press stage with a 400mm F/2.8 IS bazooka canon. 15min to keynote. #
  • Keynote went well! My Finance widget got a lot of demo time! Yeahs!!!! #
  • @kenekaplan Glad you liked it. If you liked what you saw so far, wait till CES in January. :) #
  • @jasonhiner Glad you liked it. What you saw today was just the tip of the iceberg. :) #
  • @timtakeuchi Why would you think it’s inadvertent that Google was on the stock ticker? The ticker had many major tech companies, even MSFT. #
  • Totally pumped about all the excitement about Yahoo! TV Widgets both on the floor and online. Grabbing some food now and maybe a short nap. #

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