Twitter Updates for 2008-08-19
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  • Completely and totally exhausted. :( Got a lot done today, though, so heading home as this week is only going to get busier as it progresses #
  • I love leveraging the breadth of my network to help out others. Took me an hour but got contact info for 2 people a coworker needed to reach #
  • Up at a normal hour for a change since I’m heading to the city tonight and subsequently can’t stay late at the office. 24hrs to IDF keynote! #
  • My loaner Iridium phone should arrive today. So hoping it works fine with Twitter so I can live blog my Mnt. Whitney hike this weekend. #
  • Not sure what it is, but every time I go visit family I gain a lot of weight (8lbs this past weekend). Thankfully already lost 4lbs back off #
  • Was standing in front of the mirror trying to decide which glasses to wear today, then remembered I had no sense of style so it’s irrelevant #
  • @ohadpr They are all the same prescription, so yeah no problem switching between em. I have five different pairs (2 older, 3 brand new). #
  • The office is a buzz of excitement today. Everyone is pumped for tomorrow’s keynote at IDF. Should rock! #
  • Yeah! Shipping and receiving just delivered the Iridium phone to my desk for my trip this weekend. Debating on going out on the roof now. #
  • Sent the verification code as instructed to Twitter’s UK long code and it’s still not showing as verified. Twitter not like Iridium? :( :( #
  • @al3x For non-US based cell numbers, do I need to put in anything special? Sent test msg fine to Cingular, but UK long code fails to verify #
  • Just found out have a couple extra permits for hiking Mount Whitney this weekend. Anyone wanna go? Ping me! #
  • @mattgemmell UK # for Twitter. For some reason country code 8816 (Iridium) doesn’t seem to work with Twitter and I can’t see why. #
  • @mattgemmell Doubt it since I am only wanting to send to Twitter, not receive from Twitter. Setup a separate twitter account for that reason #
  • @al3x I will buy u a case of beer if u can help me find a solution to a problem I am having with Twitter SMS verification #
  • @al3x I looked and there is nothing relevant it seems as to why it’s failing. Offer still stands if anyone else there can help me. :( #
  • @al3x no problem. the support request page was erring out earlier, but seems to work now so will go that route. #
  • Doing a sadening SNV-San Mateo-Palo Alto-SNV-Santa Clara-San Francisco trek because of bad schedule planning #
  • Feeling oddly self concious about my driving knowing i’ve got a $7000 camera lens on loan in my trunk. #
  • Just made stop number two, headed back to office. Now carrying virtually the value of my car in loaner camera gear. #

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