Twitter Updates for 2008-08-18
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  • Woken up rudely by turbulance on the last flight. So mean of mother nature to wake me up so harshly from a good dream. #
  • WTF!? What did I do to piss off the flight gods? Cramped first class on a 70s aircraft with crying babies in front and to my right. #
  • Isn’t there some unwritten rule that while traveling with small children and least one of the parents is banished to economy? #
  • Tempted to go find someone in Economy and switch seats. The screaming baby is making me want to jump out and we haven’t even taken off yet! #
  • On final approach into SFO, hoping my ride is in time. #
  • I think my seatmate and I tagged team to be the John Macinrow of 1st class on flight 761. #
  • Apparently was sitting next to a exec at United and he took offense to them serving me tomatoe juice instead of double bloody Mary. #
  • Needless to say, we had spicey double bloody marys the rest of the flight. :) #
  • @omnivector just had an orgasm seeing his eye-fi upload to Flickr for the first time. Not sure i’m proud to day I helped. #
  • Installed new batteries into my Yahoo! Bike last night and woke up to a green light on charger. Now do I ride it to work today? Hmm #
  • Is it possible to have a JS object literal reference itself? This doesn’t work, but is there something similar that does? #
  • @seancoates I had already thought of that hack to make it work. Was hoping there was some magic way to do it at literal declaration time. #
  • Found a solution to my Javascript question from earlier. Slight syntax modification, but works and still readable/workable #

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