Twitter Updates for 2008-08-17
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  • There was this guy who sent out ten puns on Twitter in hopes at least on would make his followers laugh. No pun in ten did though. #
  • Impressed with the number of “nearby” tweets in Twinkle considering I’m in the middle of BFE (aka Kansas). Not sure what part shocks me more #
  • Wishing I had brought a pocket wizard from my camera bag to this wedding. Would be fun to mess with the minds of these photogs here a bit :) #
  • If this wedding is representative of Midwest photogs in general (doubtful i would think), I could make a killing as a wedding photog here. #
  • Turned photog with a hundred dollar p&s. Getting awesomely hilarious shots of the drunk people having fun dancing. #
  • Despite the fact it’s not unusual in CA to not be married at my age being reminded where I grew up it’s very unusual. Sucks! #
  • Just demonstrated a bunch of Yoga poses to my folks. Between that and all the squats I did taking photos, my body will likely punish me tmrw #
  • @rasmus it’s stuff like that which reminds me why many (definitely not all) open source userland PHP developers completely suck! #
  • Why is it the gnarlier your PHP code is the more likely it will become popular? vBulletin, phpBB, Gallery, Wordpress, phpNuke, etc, etc #
  • OH: I’m not picky, I just like it how I like it. #
  • OH (repeated): “I sure wish they would cut down some of these trees so I could get a better photo” … Said in a national park #
  • Just hit seek on the radio and it only stopped on one station on the entire FM band, country station no less. /me cries. #
  • @schill I think the act of traveling and the energy drop afterwards takes a bigger role in jet lag than the timezones themselves do #
  • Kansas should implement a new law on the turnpike. When you are the only car on the turnpike you should be able to go any speed #
  • There is a benefit to having a canary in a coal mine (aka leting reculously fast people pass you), they get the penalty (aka ticket) #
  • Nothing more funny than seeing someone pass you going 20+mph faster than you when your speeding and then seeing them pulled over #
  • In town earlier than I thought I would be and flight is delayed too, so grabbing lunch at Granite City with a friend. #
  • Good news: I’ve just left Kansas. No more yelping toto. Bad news: I’ve only crossed the border into Missouri #
  • In the past hour and a half they have delayed my flight further three times. If they delay it much more I will miss connection to SFO #
  • Not sure what the craze is with new cartoonish avatars, but being a sheep I followed suit and created one of myself. #
  • The SPOT seems to be temperamental about receiving GPS signal. I have a clear view of the sky (albeit through glass) and still no GPS lock. #
  • @mager as crazy as your life has been, somehow doubt “this” ride is the craziest yet, but guess I could be wrong. #
  • Sitting on plane bound for Denver. Got extremely lucky this weekend and got upgraded for all four legs of my trip. #

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