Twitter Updates for 2008-08-15
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  • Man I hate it when a recruiter catches me by accident when they call, especially when someone I respect referred them. Hard to be rude then. #
  • @someToast I use my desk phone as a clock. Didn’t realize that until my phone was down for a day and I looked at it’s blank screen in stupor #
  • Wish such a think as 50x DVD-R discs/drives existed. I’m impatient! Sadly I think that would make it faster than the hard drive then though #
  • Recalibrated 1 of my monitors to be stock factory settings + sRGB profile as a proof screen. My eyes are going cross-eyed at the difference #
  • Amazing how fugly a monitor at 5100K @ 185.4 cd/m^2 looks next to one at 6500K @ 299.3 cd/m^2. #
  • Somehow doubt it, but does anyone have a Dell 2709W LCD monitor? Curious to get “real life” feedback rather than “professional” reviews. #
  • Checked bag (clothes/toiletries) = 18lbs. Carry-on (laptop/kindle/gifts/shoes) + “personal item” (camera bag) = 40lbs. Isn’t that backwards? #
  • What I also don’t understand is how 3 changes of clothes (I always pack a spare) plus toiletries in the tiniest suitcase I own is 18lbs. #
  • The SPOT failed to deliver a location ping during the flight. :( Guess I will have to be less discrete and stick it in the window next time #
  • Drizling rain in Denver, hope the weather is better in Kansas City. Not thrilled about sloshing with luggage through rain. #
  • I’m now totally addicted to the BBC America series called Hussle thanks to the friendly woman sitting next to me on my flight. #
  • NFL officials, refs, and some people from the Cardinals are here in first class. Football talk all around me. #
  • Shoulder reading all the changes in the NFL rules for 2008. Pretty interesting. #
  • Apparently there will be no more “force outs” anymore. Ruled an incomplete pass now if I’m reading this right. #
  • Another tidbit, seems extra points and field goals are now reviewable. #
  • Yellow bricks? Check! Barking toto? Check! Yep, I must be in Kansas. :( #
  • Being thoroughly reminded why I loathe semi-truck drivers on KS’s pathetic _two_ lane TOLL roads. #
  • SPOT seems to work well from the car even at highway speeds (no surprise really). Check out #

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