Twitter Updates for 2008-08-13
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  • Anybody know how to make OSX not power up a RAID array each time a “save” dialog opens? Makes it lag badly for no reason (not saving there) #
  • Freaky A! Right in the middle of doing some and the campus [redacted] goes [redacted]. Damn it! #
  • Grrr… Seems my [redacted] issues are caused by an “approved” but “non-communicated” maintenance which is still in progress. :( #
  • Is there a photoshop plugin that automatically removes slight wrinkles in a white fabric? Healing brush works, but gotta be a plugin, yes? #
  • Guess either I don’t have anyone following me who does photo editing, or they missed my tweet last night, or no such plugin exists… hmm. #
  • Just had a fun idea. Need to track down the home #s of the recruiters who call me at work and call them at home at 3am about their positions #
  • If I left a message it’s as appropriate as them calling me at work and leaving voicemails about their positions they are trying to sell, no? #
  • @miguel23 It’s not a single image, but thanks. Just trying to find ways to improve my overall photo editing workflow and get faster about it #
  • @jsnell Getting ripped? I actually agree with many of the things you said! I think many feel Apple tried to do to much at once this time. #
  • @briancaldwell they make this antiquated thing which looks like a plastic rope and has this weird thing called copper inside. might help. #
  • @siracusa while I agree with on your services vs. products point, majority of your “leaders” have had significant outages in the past month #
  • Amazon MP saddens me. Some sellers, like, make a bad name for everyone else. Apparently “expedited” = standard postal mail 4 them #
  • I <3 Yahoo! Search. It completely understands me. I type in “squid” and #2 entry is on the proxy server. Google? Shows me tons of sea … #

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