Twitter Updates for 2008-08-12
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  • Just noticed the email providers listed in iPhone’s add account are dropping like flies in order. Does this mean Y! is next followed by AOL? #
  • Dear Spider, I appreciate your thoughtfulness in making a security perimeter around my desk but next time let me know so I dont walk into it #
  • Not sure how a spider built such a web in so little time, but man did I get a face full when I walked back to my desk from another building. #
  • @rasmus That’s one heck of a colo server if it’s for personal usage which I assume it is, no? #
  • @rasmus Somehow doubt you will run out of horsepower anytime soon, but depending on what you put on it 3TB might be a bit limiting over 6yrs #
  • @rasmus Are you running TwitterSpy directly, or are you using the one at If directly, how hard of a setup is it? #
  • @simonw I dunno about England (especially since there are so many silly/crazy/stupid laws there), but in the US that would be very legal. #
  • I have now officially broke the 1TB mark of photo storage between work and personal photos. Running an Aperture vault update as I head out #
  • Trying desperately to get moving this morning but my body is not so subtly telling me that 4.5hrs of sleep is simply unacceptable today. #
  • @tychay not read/seen your link yet, but in most cases I would more or less agree. #

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