Twitter Updates for 2008-08-11
Category: Twitter

  • Annoyed that it seems I can’t hardlink directories on my @slicehost VPS. Now digging to see if there is some ext3 option to enable support. #
  • That was quick. I tweet about my problem and someone offers a solution in under a minute. mount –bind seems to do the trick nicely. #
  • What do you get when you mix 15 lines of PHP, 20 lines of Python, some HTML, GMaps API, Twitter, and Fireeagle? #
  • Hello personality #3 (the obsessive compulsive cleaning one)! Glad to see you, been a long time. Gonna make the apartment spick and span!? #
  • I am trapped in an evil timezone. 2am = wide awake and physically active! 10am (when I should be at/going to work) = groggy and bleary eyed. #
  • Something about this video really makes my stomach turn: If we ever needed proof twitter is a “fad” here it is. #
  • Doing a little testing of SPOTcasting my location today on my way into work. Starting with the basics first. #
  • How do you handle it when a friend spams you via all the IM ids you use + emails you about something rather trivial and unimportant? #
  • Seems not just Gmail, but also Gtalk is experiencing issues right now. All my Gtalk IMs I send come back as “unknown error”. #
  • Good news: Upgraded the 32″ 720P TV on my desk to a 46″ 1080P. Bad news: The board hooked up to it has a bit noisy of a fan. Need a case. #
  • @abiligiri Maybe because I work on a TV product @ Yahoo! could possibly be why. :) #

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