Twitter Updates for 2008-08-10
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  • @ohadpr You may think it’s a script kiddy language, but I’ve personally written a site handling 100’s of millions of requests/day on it. #
  • Beginning to think I need to kick several of my friends to the curb and replace them. They never want to do what I want to do when I do. #
  • OH: “Organically bootstrapping is annoying. I recommend it if you hate yourself.” #
  • Yippee! Just took a new VPS slice from stock to fully configured in under 2 mins w/ one cmd. Capistrano is kewl even with no Rails in sight! #
  • Created recipes already for PHP (Nginx using FCGI with php-fpm), now looking to do the same for Django and/or Pylons. #
  • Wish I could figure out what causes my Drobo to go nuts (fan and drive activity) every so often even when all Macs are long idle. #
  • Finding it humorous how history repeats itself. PHP 4.3 was a pretty big change from 4.2 and 5.3 is proving to follow suit and more over 5.2 #
  • @thekarladam let him do what he wants. Growl needs to be replaced with something better anyway, this might help encourage it. #
  • @ultramookie I totally agree. I fought it for years trying to make it a happy desktop OS and finally jumped ship to OSX several years ago. #
  • Man have I got automation licked now. Might need to package up my @slicehost capistrano stuff and release it. Nginx+PHP+Python+Mysql FTW! #
  • @ultramookie No, windows are things you install into a wall to let u see outside. Install windows into a PC and all you see is a bluescreen. #
  • @janeylicious I actually thought it proved Karl’s point. If one person is contributing over 95% of the commits that’s a problem, no? #

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