Twitter Updates for 2008-08-09
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  • I just linked my SPOT with Yahoo! Fire Eagle. This totally kicks ass! And here I thought they didn’t have any developer friendliness. YEAH!! #
  • Does anyone know of an app (opensource ideally) which talks to Fire Eagle and shows my location on a map which I can host on my own server? #
  • Never mind on my Fire Eagle app inquiry. It was quicker to just write it myself. Needs a bit of design love after I get some sleep though. #
  • Ok, who wants to go on a hike today? I need to break in my boots before my Mnt. Whitney hike in two weeks. #
  • @codepo8 REI had a couple models very similar to that when I was there yesterday. Both Mt View and San Carlos had em for sure, probably all. #
  • I think I know why @nineinchnails is giving away “The Slip” album for free. Other than basically one track most of it is just crap IMHO. #
  • Finding better libs written in Python lately than PHP. Is it cuz Python lib writers are better or I’m just better @ finding shitty PHP code? #

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