Twitter Updates for 2008-08-08
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  • Came into the office earlier today to find a Cool Touch Electric Griddle waiting for me. I totally blame @jzawodn for causing that purchase. #
  • Man I wish Twitter would fix their HTML rendering to properly wrap 140 character messages which don’t have spaces (like @chockenberry’s one) #
  • Wish all these twittter clones which are popping up lately like flees on a dog would actually clone the useful features of Twitter like SMS. #
  • Trying to figure out why the Canon 200mm F/2L is like 7x the price of the 200mm F/2.8L. Low DOF is one thing, but really worth $5400?? #
  • Seeing photos taken with the D700 __REALLY__ makes me so insanely pissed I am a Canon guy. #%@&! #%@&! #%@&! Common Canon, today already! #
  • Have an idea for a good photo. Picture of a guy wearing a Nikon shirt/hat, back to the camera, pissing on a Canon sign laying on the ground #
  • VPN, ssh, web browser, IM client, email, photo editor, games, “social” apps; all on my iPhone. What’s missing? Hmm. IRC and Textmate and ??? #
  • @ohadpr pterm. It seems to do exactly what I need but admittedly my needs are pretty basic for ssh. #
  • @cypherkin yep. I am using [redacted] for connecting to Yahoo!. It’s works well and also does [redacted] and [redacted]. Should be out [...] #
  • @FieryRobot is it because you got Yanged or is it because of all the alcohol you drank because you got Yanged right before you quit? #
  • Testing out my new skillet @jzawodn blogged about. Who wants pancakes, eggs, and/or bacon? Might bring some into work if there’s interest. #
  • @jzawodn it totally does. I want to replace my real stove now almost. Here’s breakfast on it this morning: very yummy! #
  • @al3x doesn’t Twitter have an official Facebook app which clones Twitter status into Facebook? Goes against the “no cloning content”, no? #
  • I’m at BJ’s Restaurant (10690 N De Anza Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014, USA) – #
  • Watching the Twinkle tweets within a mile of you is pretty humorous in its own way when you are within a stones throw of Apple Corp HQ. #
  • @tychay I toss between flying, reading minds, and invisibility. Hard to choose between them. #
  • I have hit every single stop light between Infinite Loop and Yahoo! so far. Wonder why fate is stalling me into an even longer lunch. #

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