Twitter Updates for 2008-08-07
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  • @janeylicious I can easily make it all day long with 3G and wifi turned on. What are you doing to cause yourself so little battery life? #
  • Man I am so getting whipped at Word Twist on Facebook by my yoga instructor. She is _really_ making me look bad. 66/15 & 358/252. #
  • Third day in a row now that I left work utterly exhausted to the point of almost unsafe to drive. Not sure I like this trend. Hmm. #
  • Always annoyed when I design something to visual spec and then someone files a critical bug saying it’s missing XX which isn’t in the spec. #
  • What’s worse is that there’s no way to fix it without radically changing the visual design, thus shouldn’t the bug be given to the designer? #
  • Is there a protocol for tweeting someone who’s near you according to Twinkle that you find attractive and interesting based on their tweets? #
  • I must say, being able to VPN into the office and access bugzilla via my iPhone from bed _almost_ makes up for the 2.0 bugs&instability. #
  • @soliderant No, it’s not a problem to reassign one. But when u get a slew of them in a morning it shows a lack of concern for another’s time #
  • Any designers interested in doing an ultra quick one page basic design + simple logo for a site I am launching? It’s for an online petition. #
  • I am launching as an online petition to stop supermarkets from filling our mailboxes with weekly flyers and related trash. #
  • @ronbailey EXACTLY! Every apartment I have lived in had a big trashcan next to the mailboxes. Its ALWAYS full of ads/flyers/junkmail by EOD. #

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