Twitter Updates for 2008-08-06
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  • Productive coding + good meetings + a little afternoon fun later via a very awesome friend. Tesla + Moffett Field = WIN! #
  • Where is this rain everyone speaks of? I’ve been outside or near outside for over an hour and seen no rain. #
  • I’ve become paranoid about installing updates via appstore. Twice now lost my saved app data in a bad way. Bad Apple, no cookie! #
  • Trying to finish something from the office tonight but the loud non-professional phone conversation nearby is really distracting/annoying. #
  • What I wouldn’t give for an instant messenger which can reliably send files to my Yahoo! contacts no matter what firewall is in between us. #
  • Is it to much to ask that if text can reach the other person a screenshot or whatever other small file I am sending make it to them too? #
  • P.S. I am not ranting on Yahoo! Mac Messenger specifically, because Adium can’t do it either. </end rant> #
  • @quynhnie You’re just jealous of my tweets! Don’t you wish your tweets were hot like mine! You = PWNED! Go directly to jail, don’t pass go! #
  • Ok, now that that distracting silliness is handled, back to work. Got my bug bazooka out and I am taking no prisoners tonight. 10am is soon. #
  • me: “Why the complication / mess?” reply I got: “because we’re only six layers deep in this clusterfuck and someone just yelled seven?” :( #
  • Which was followed by: “This ain’t my clusterfuck, I’m just here humping a hole like everyone else” … Still doesn’t help fix my issue. :( #
  • Learned something new. Apparently when OSX exports a FS via NFS it maintains case insensitivity w/o telling Linux it’s trying to be helpful. #
  • Not sure where all the bazooka bullets are coming from today but I’m sure the bug population hates it. Poor things, they never saw it coming #
  • I put a new word into heavy usage tonight. “Arlofy” -verb Define: to make or become more like @Arlo’s [shiny plastic] vision of the universe #
  • After all the Arlofication I’ve done this week on the project I’m working on I must say, it’s looking pretty dead sexy if I do say so myself #
  • OH: “i don’t think we’re ready to break [redacted] behavior before it works” #
  • And here I thought last week was the week I would get little sleep. This week is proving there are even lower levels of sleep to be obtained #
  • My brain feels like someone took a sledgehammer to my skull, plucked out the brain, and ran it through a food processor #
  • Looked at the Advil bottle with pleading eyes and it replied “look man, I wanna help, but your asking a bit much don’t ya think?” #
  • Rather amazed and bewildered. It would seem the iPhone Mail app has better support 4 IMAP features like namespaces than #

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