Twitter Updates for 2008-08-02
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  • Loaded down with a ton of side projects this weekend. Courier->Dovecot move, Custom HTTP proxy, Xdebug hacking, and iPhoneDevCamp2 FTW! #
  • Oh, and I am going to Monterey for a little while in the afternoon tomorrow too. When am I sleeping you ask? Dunno. Wherever I drop probably #
  • I’m basing my hope that my mail server will run better on Linux than OSX by the fact ‘time find . | wc -l’ in my maildir shows 1s vs. 15min. #
  • Stumbled into a way to make it feel nice around my desk when the office A/C shuts off at night: Kick MacPro fans up to max. Noisy but chilly #
  • Yeehaw! Got my IMAP server converted over (despite a few road bumps) as well as decent progress on the HTTP proxy project. Time to go home. #
  • I can definitely say now, I am not a fan of Sieve! If Dovecot supported the “variables” extension it would be decent, but still no Procmail. #
  • @quyhhnie me too!! It would be more glorious if I had been in it for more than 7 hours though. #
  • is such an insanely stable, reliable, and fast app. I’m in love! Apple’s engineers must be so amazingly good. </sarcasm> #
  • @quynhnie wanna do a late brunch? #
  • Check out my new Twitter avatar! Didn’t Addy do an amazing job of getting a decent pose out of me (considering its me)? #
  • I’m at Monterey Bay, USA (USA) – #

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