Twitter Updates for 2008-08-01
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  • At the going away party of the legendary @bkobash. Hands down the most gifted visual designer I know. Y! will miss him! #
  • Watching in awe someone playing Enter Sandman on the guitar on expert level. Freaking amazing fingerwork. #
  • Now the guy is just showing off. Singing and guitar at the same time both on expert level. If he goes for the drums to WTF!? #
  • @Arlo I hope the visual designers I work with now are confident in their high skill level and don’t need some engineer like me to confirm. #
  • Wow! Talk about blast from the past. Got in car to the sound of Casey Kasem. I used to listen to his countdowns eons ago #
  • It’s my belief that once I become the defacto best at some job of anyone I know, I either need to meet new people or do something else. #
  • That way I have a target to measure myself by and a goal for personal improvement, thus why I try and surround myself with stellar people. #
  • Why does Twinkle always think I am in Atherton when I first open it? After 2-3 minutes it gets Santa Clara right, but always Atherton at 1st #
  • Is it weird that despite having many pets in my life I’ve loved, I’ve never been so attached I would pay 1000s of dollars to save it’s life? #
  • OH: “If I hear must buy or starting point one more time before I go on vacation I’m going to shoot myself.” #
  • @heathermeeker75 My two cats were very much “family” but still not “human”. I guess thats where I draw the line on the level of medical care #
  • Why do people keep trying to compare Yahoo! to a one trick pony which makes it’s revenues virtually solely in one product alone? #
  • @omnivector @bmf @louiemantia Don’t mean to piss in your cheerios, but 1 million downloads is not one million users. Congrats all the same! #
  • Finding it humorous I just got another proxy card in the mail today, on the day of the board meeting. Talk about great timing. ;) #
  • @quynhnie I realized that might be the case after I said something. I thought they were talking about TTR not Tapulous in general at first. #
  • @quynhnie I downloaded TTR for example, but you definitely couldn’t count me as an active user. Quiet the opposite for Twinkle though. #
  • Apparently “Murders your wife” is a feature one would want to use as a basis to compare different filesystems. #

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