Twitter Updates for 2008-07-31
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  • Since @Arlo dropped off Final Cut Studio 2 HD on my desk to tease me into buying it, I think I will take the books home to read tonight. #
  • Line is wrapping around the block at the gas station yet the price is $4.29. Am I missing something here? #
  • I think my phone’s battery indicator is lying. I know I didn’t touch my phone much today, but it’s ~70% higher than usual. #
  • Kevin Kubota is evil! Every time I turn around that man has found a new way to weasel money out of me with some new yummy action or book. #
  • Here’s to you Hasbro! KTHXBAI! #
  • OH: “Imagine how much money someone could make if they sold ‘I got Yanged!’ t-shirts at the Yahoo! shareholders meeting tomorrow.” #
  • OH: “Could make even more money if they sold a variety of shirts. I would totally buy both if they had one which said ‘No, Icahn’t!’ too” #

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