Twitter Updates for 2008-07-29
Category: Twitter

  • Skipped out on a dinner party in Palo Alto to resolve some P1 bugs needing fixed by tomorrow. Was afraid I wouldn’t have energy for both. :( #
  • Was goin to say something I thought was really funny, but couldn’t decide if it was only funny because I am exhausted, thus I am abstaining. #
  • Hoping this headache goes away soon. Stiff neck + headache makes me rather unexcited for the day ahead. Oh well, time for breakfast! #
  • 25 cents for FIVE MINUTES!?WTFBBQ!? Parking meters are outrageous in San Francisco!! #
  • @Arlo funny how I’m asking for two weeks for your time and your suddenly free when I am not around. #
  • Headed to South Park for lunch. #

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