Twitter Updates for 2008-07-28
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  • Aperture you sure are one hell of a performance beast. When u can eat up 100% of all CPU/memory on a beafy Mac Pro you’re doing, umm.. well? #
  • I need to back away from the computer before I say something I regret. My Mac just “blue screened” with 100s of things open (some unsaved) #
  • I sure hope I am the only one on D5 at the moment… By choice phrase I yelled out when the kernel panic’d definitely wasn’t safe 4 work. #
  • Please Aperture!! Just upload this batch of photos to Flickr without crashing and I promise to stop cursing and say a nice thing about you! #
  • Ok Camp Yahoo! photos are now live. Aperture didn’t crash until after the upload finished so I guess it get’s a cookie for being mostly good #
  • Heading to the studio to make sure all my gear is ready for next week. Gotta make sure all my batteries are charged and stuff like that. #
  • Really nervous for how I will feel in the morning. Going to bed an hour later than I planned + my face looks almost sunburned #
  • Showering could be really miserable if it turns out to be really burned and not just a little on the red side. #
  • Almost done doing location scouts. The day is about to get really busy! #
  • Anybody wanna be a photographers assistant in San Francisco tomorrow? Paying job, so ping me! #

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